The Slow Blog aims to provide visitors to Tanzania with a resource for planning their unique Tanzanian adventure. Each month we will document a new experince, location or tour. Leave comments, ask questions and join the conversation with like minded people at the Slow Blog. 



The jewel of the southern circuit... far away from the crowds of packaged tourists, Kilwa Masoko is a peaceful fishing village playing host to ancient history and waterways brimming with coral and tropical fish. 


Made famous by the work of Jane Goodall, Gombe is a must visit for anyone interested in the fascinating world of Chimpanzees. 


Stretching from Dar es Salaam to Zambia, the Tazara train will take you on one of East Africa's great train adventures. 


Located off the coast of Kilwa the UNESCO World Heritage ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani provide a fascinating insight into the ancient history of this region. 

Lake Tanganikya

The great lake of seconds, Lake Tanganikya is all that divides western Tanzania from the densely forested hills of the DRC. 

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