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General Information for Visiting Tanzania


Tanzania uses the Tanzanian Shilling abbreviated as either TZS or TSH. In Dar es Salaam some businesses and will accept USD, but TZS is the primary currency. ATM's in major commercial hubs are readily available. 

Visas + Vaccinations

Tourist Visas are readily available upon arrival at the border or airport. The cost is set at 50 USD which can be paid by cash or card at the airport (at land borders you will need USD).  This Visa is valid for three months. 

If travelling from nearby East African Countries you will be required to show proof of your Yellow Fever Vaccination. We highly reccomend having this organised before leaving for East Africa. The health risk is minimal however the administrative headaches it is likely to cause if you arrive without one mean that it is well worth investing in this vaccine. 

For current information on COVID19 regulations please visit

As for other vaccines the normal rules apply, consult your doctor cross check with what you have had in the past. 


Internet and Phone Coverage

Network coverage across Tanzania is fairly good, better than electricity! If you plan on being in Tanzanian for even a week, its worth investing in a local sim card (a few dollars with credit) and can make getting around and organizing tours and excursions much easier. Make sure your phone is unlocked, or you can purchase a relatively cheap smartphone ($30 USD) or burner in Dar. Most networks offer 4G Internet for around $5 for 10GB, and several locations will have access to free wifi, including at The Slow Leopard! 

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