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About us

Get to know the history behind The Slow Leopard

The Slow Leopard opened its doors in October 2014.

Founders Henry and Eddie met in Tanzania—one was trading tea, the other counting chickens—and quickly discovered that they shared a love of East African safari and a passion for protecting and sharing this with others.


With the belief that you shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to experience the wonders of Tanzania, they saw the opportunities this presented for building a great business and meetings great people, all while making budget travel in Tanzania possible. But that’s about where their similarities end. It’s their distinct personalities, varied backgrounds and skills, and unique perspectives that have brought The Slow Leopard to life.



With the amazing support of its regular customers, friends and the local rugby community, “The Slow” has steadily grown up over the years, along with many of its regulars. Weathering many typical small business challenges and some quite frankly “you couldn’t make that sh*t up” ones, the bar has seen its share of late nights and lovers’ fights, and a fair few Kwaheri Mother F*ckers. The Slow even survived “bacongate” and witnessed the local rugby club almost go bankrupt on an ambitious fundraising exercise.


It has also played host to some amazing performances by brilliant musicians from across the continent and around the world, has helped raise funds for worthy local causes, and has seen rival sports fans come together to cheer on their teams in the world’s biggest sports events. 



Above all, The Slow Leopard has been proudly responsible for some fantastic memories and lifelong friends.

Offering its first dorm beds in 2016, and opening its second location in Kilwa in 2018, The Slow Leopard is firmly focused on establishing a network of hostels in Tanzania that connect backpackers and adventurers to great experiences and to each other. We hope that doing so will encourage more people to visit Tanzania’s amazing wild places and come to understand the value in their promotion and protection.​

What's in a name?

The origins of The Slow Leopard name are murky at best, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Several theories abound, but three seemed to have emerged as the most likely candidates. If you manage to catch Henry or Eddie during your visit, be sure to ask, the answer might surprise…

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