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So you want to climb Kilimanjaro? The fabled Kilimanjaro has drawn adventure seekers from around the world for generations. Many come to Tanzania with the specific goal of summiting the largest freestanding mountain in the world and the roof of Africa. Unfortunately park permits and regulations mean that their is no cheap nor independent way to climb Kilimanjaro. Read below to find out more of Tanzania's most famous attraction.

Fast Facts


Most tours depart from Moshi

Group Size

Varies widely, many operators have the capability to take 10+ guests.


Depends on the length of the route you choose however most climbs cost between 1500-2000 USD. Climbs for less than 1400 USD are likely to be fly by night operators with little safety equipment and contingency planning + tip for porters


Between 5-9 days depending on the route.


  • A one of a kind experience, not only the highest free standing mountain in the world but also the highest in Africa​

  • Much like the Serengeti, this is a classic bucket list item

  • Porters will set up camp and carry your heavy luggage leaving you free to enjoy the walking

  • Easy to find groups as there is a consistent demand for these trips


  • Expensive, there are no cheap ways of doing Kilimanjaro unfortunately, the nature of the climb means you are paying for at least 5 days worth of park fees plus guide costs etc.

  • Busy, the number of tourists climbing Kilimanjaro each year is continuing to rise, you will likely be joined by other groups steadily making their way up the mountain.

  • Cold, Kilimanjaro gets seriously cold, for people who decide on a whim to do it you will have to make sure you have appropriate clothing. Your Zanzibar flip flops and singlet won't cut it up here.

Helpful advice

As above, make sure you pack plenty of warm clothes, you won't be carrying your bag anyway so you are free to stack in some heavy woolen clothing to help you keep warm, particularly at the last two campsites. There is a lot of discussion about the best route up Kilimanjaro, and we at the Slow Leopard can't go past the Machame route. It is far and away the most popular simply because of the scenic beauty of this route. Take 7 days to give yourself the best change of acclimatizing and also to soak up this once in a life time trip. Bring along a separate day pack that you can carry. This allows you to carry water and camera while the porters lug up your big pack. Be sure to tip your porters generously, as they are not only climbing up Kilimanjaro, but also carrying all of your luggage, camping gear and food.

How to book

The Slow Leopard can connect you to a reliable operator and like minded group members. Follow the link, fill out the form and we will do the rest.

Sample Itinerary

Kilimanjaro Machame Route Itinerary
Download PDF • 162KB


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