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Dar Cycle Tour

Dar es Salaam, the Haven of Peace, is Tanzania’s largest city and commercial capital, with a long history of trade, politics and power. A bustling hub of commerce and culture, people from all over Tanzania flock to Dar for opportunity—and the growing city is bursting with the constant stream of new arrivals. The Dar Cycle Tour takes visitors into the heart of the city, visiting neighborhoods and residents your guide book won’t take you to. The tour will introduce you to Swahili culture and food, bring you to local neighborhood spots, introduce you to residents, and show off the unique architecture of the city. The tour is a 15km loop starting and ending at Millennium Towers and includes your bike, helmet, soft drinks, water and snacks.

Fast Facts


In Dar es Salaam city center, the cycle tour allows visitors to see different neighborhoods in Dar, interact with residents, experience Swahili culture and get to know the bustling city.

Group Size

Any size, prices per person


$35 / 80,000 TZS


3-4 hours, 8am start


  • An active, insider’s tour of the city. If cycling is not your thing, ask about walking and/or bajaji versions of the tour.

  • Real, local experiences such as watching coffee and kashata being made, eating chapati, meeting with residents, visiting a local movie theater and market, and learning about Swahili architecture.


  • Be aware that the tour will not be air conditioned, and in certain seasons Dar can be very hot.

Helpful advice

​Make sure to bring a hat and sunscreen and a discreet way to carry money and valuables. Modest clothing should be worn as the tour takes place in crowded, conservative city center. Soft drinks, water and snacks will be provided, but lunch is not included. Ask us for some suggestions of good lunch spots in town to check out when your tour finishes!

How to book

Get in touch with the team at the Slow Leopard for help booking this tour.


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