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Gombe Stream National Park

Made famous by primatologist Jane Goodall's research into chimpanzee populations and subsequent publication of her work. Gombe is a unique safari experience as it offers vistors the opportunity to see chimpanzees in the wild and to engage with the descendants of the very subjects that Jane Goodall's work made famous. Although prohibitively expensive and difficult to access, Gombe remains a must see for anyone interested in primates.

Fast Facts


Gateway town to Gombe NP is Kigoma

Group Size

4-6 people


Tours generally cost around $800 although Gombe can easily be arranged without a tour. Expect to spend $250 for 24hrs giving you a morning walk to find the chimpanzees.


Best done in one 24 hour period


  • The best place to view Chimpanzees in the wild

  • The work of Jane Goodall helps to add context to the place and lend it even more significance

  • Due to continuou presence of researchers over a long time the chimpanzees are habituated to humans


  • Highest park fees of any park in Tanzania

  • Difficult to access

Helpful advice

Costs can easily get out of control at Gombe, to save money try taking the public water taxi up the lake to arrive in the NP. Bring lots of snacks with you that you can eat in your room to save yourself from paying the fixed 20 USD per meal. Even being able to skip breakfast and lunch with some biscuits and crisps will save you 40 bucks. If you take the public boat be sure to bring a hat and some water with you, it can get seriously hot and there is very little shade.

Bring some good walking shoes and long sleeves, Gombe is all hills and you will be up and down them for at least a few hours in pursuit of the Chimpanzees. It can be exhausting work in the heat, the long sleeves will help to protect your arms from being scratched up if you leave the trail.


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