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Uluguru Mountains

In a country not known as a traditional hiking destination outside of Mt Kilimanjaro, the Uluguru Mountains have long been the source of some of Tanzania's most popular hiking routes. The Uluguru mountains form part of the Eastern Arc mountain range and are home to a number of endemic bird and plant species. Easily accessible from Dar with campsites scattered across the trails, the Uluguru Mountains provide a cheap and accessible destination for travelers looking to stretch their legs and soak up some traditional Tanzanian life.

Fast Facts


Hikes begin in Morogoro Town.

Group Size

Most operators can accommodate for group sizes of 10+ people.


Walking trips with food, guides and park fees usually add up to around $50 USD a day.


1-3 Days, often people will walk to and from Morningside, the first campsite, in a day. An extra day allows you to summit one of the nearby peaks and 3 days means you can do both these things plus travel to and from Dar es Salaam.


  • A great way to get out and experience the Tanzanian bush on a budget.

  • A worthwhile hiking destinations that is not prohibitively expensive.

  • Great campsites like the one pictured above and waterfalls for cooling off in.


  • Independent hikers will not be permitted to walk without a guide. Even competent walkers with experience will have to pay a guide to come with them.

  • Agricultural encroachment is reducing the natural habitat in the Uluguru Mountains meaning that in the early stages of the journey most walking is done through farming villages.

Helpful advice

The Uluguru Mountains are best enjoyed after the wet season when a lush layer of foliage still coats the mountains and when the trails have generally dried out and become usable again. In the wet season the hiking trails are not recommended as many of the tracks get washed out. Keep your eyes peeled for fresh berries--strawberries and blackberries grow wild and can be picked from the side of the trail. Tour costs vary widely, there are a number of operators available in Morogoro who guide trips into the Uluguru Mountains. Costs will be cheaper than trips purchased in Dar, but the quality of equipment, food, and English is often inferior. Decide what is most important for you and pick a trip that matches your style.


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